One day hiking, bicycling and mountainbike tours

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Traditional villages and rice field tour (by bicycle)


Duration: 4 hours
Cost: 320 000 IDR per person (based on two people) including lunch, water guide and bicycle rent

This is a relatively light route over flat terrain. The route leads you over small tracks through rice fields and traditional Acehnese villages. Some very old Acehnese houses can be seen. Expect romantic views of the paddy fields. Depending on the seasons farmers will be active sowing, weeding or harvesting the rice. The route is 18 kilometre long if we bring you by car (additional fee applies) to the starting point. Cycling from Banda Aceh would add 20 (two times ten) kilometre to the trip. Click here to view the track in Google Earth

Jungle, beach and cave ride (by bicycle)

Duration: 6 hours
Cost: 320 000 IDR per person (based on two people) including lunch, water, guide and bike rent

This is a very fine route, that will lead you via a route through jungle and gardens to a little cave lake were you can swim. From there you will cycle to Lampu'uk beach. There you can have an excellent stone oven pizza for lunch. After Lampu'uk the track leads back over the hills to Banda Aceh, alternatively you can take a shortcut to Banda Aceh from here. Along the road monkeys, hornbill birds and other wildlife can be seen. Besides that you will have splendid views over the Pulau Aceh island group. This ride is 44 km (a 20 km version is possible as well) . The trip passes over two hills one 125 meters high the other around 300. There is a shortcut that goes around the last hill. Click here to view the track in Google Earth.

Sea and Culture Ride (by bicycle)

Duration: 2-4 hours
Cost: 320 000 IDR per person (based on two people) including lunch, water, guide and bicycle rent

Short and easy bicycle ride with no hills to the fishing village Ujung Pancu of about 25 km. The part through town will lead us past some historic sites, such as the Mausoleum of Sultan Iskandar Mudah, the Cakra Donya bell, Pendopo, and the Kadang XII which is a grave site where 12 sultans are buried. From there we'll go past the first school in Aceh in the direction of Ulehleh and than to the south to Ujung Pancu. At the grave of the Mysterious Infamous Sultan Nobody Knows (MIFNK) at Ujung Pancu we'll have a coffee with cookies and cake to honour his contribution to the Acehnese history.

Sara River Jungle Hike, Mountain Bike and camping Adventure

Duration: 1 - 2 days
Price depending on activity. The Sara River is a small river south of Banda Aceh, Indonesia. It is a great place to go hiking, mountainbiking, camping and have a swim. There are many monkeys including gibbons, makaki and orangutan. You can cycle to the Sara River valley from Banda Aceh in 2 hours. Alternatively we can bring you there.

Banda Aceh City tour by bicycle or Becak (tricycle motor taxi)

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: Self guided 70 000 IDR per person (including bicycle and info sheet) Guided 320 000 IDR per person

The beautiful town of Banda Aceh that was so badly hit by the Tsunami that struck on the 26th of December 2004. We will now take you on a tour through this impressive city. Although the Tsunami has destroyed so much houses and infrastructure, many historical (Dutch) buildings have survived. This tour will take you along mausoleums, historical buildings and Tsunami landmarks. Take your time and donít forget to get a kopi (coffee) on your way, or some of the delicious juices like terong belanda, mangga, sirsak or alpokat. Make sure you bring along enough water and sun-lotion, wear a hat if necessary and be aware of the Acehnese dress-code for women, keep your shoulders and knees covered. Download more info on this trip.

Pulau Aceh Island tours

Duration: 1 day
Cost: 840 000 IDR per person including life jacket, food, guide and boat and land transportation

Ready for some fun on the beach? Then join us to the uninhabited island of Pulau Kreusik which has a splendid, mosquito free white beach and is located about 1 hour from Banda Aceh. The island has safe swimming and no mozzies! You can either make a day trip to the island or stay overnight.

Jungle Track (by foot)

Duration: 4-6 hours
Cost: 320 000 ID per person (based on two people) including guide and lunch and water

The Jungle Track is a beautiful track through the forests just outside Banda Aceh. The hike is about 10 km long and will take about 4 -5 hours, including the pick nick in the forest and a refreshing swim after wards. You will be picked up by our guide with a car at your hotel in the morning. On the way to the starting point of the track you will ride through villages that have completely been swept away by the Tsunami. The track starts East of Banda Aceh and goes behind the Gunung Lemoh, the Cow mountain. The peak of this mountain can be seen from Banda Aceh and looks like the neck of a cow. The track climbs up to 230 m. During the conflict nobody dared to come here, but nowadays people have come back to the forest to cultivate their land again. Most land is used for agro-forestry. You will see trees with delicious fruit, such as durian, rambutan, papaya and banana. Melinjau trees (used to make emping) also grow here, as well as small peppers. Due to the fruit trees there are still many monkeys and a lot of yellow horn-bill birds. On several places you can have a glimpse on the sea below you, where you can catch a glimpse of the islands of Pulau Bunta, Pulau Batee and Pulau Nasi. The track ends in the village of Lhamphuuk, which was also completely washed away. Lhamphuuk has a very good stone-oven pizzeria with the best pizza's of Aceh. Depending on the wind, you can have a swim here, or walk further down the beach to a safer area. Here you can have fresh-cocunut juice and grilled fish. On the way back you'll visit the house of Cut Nyak Dhien, one female Acehnese hero that fought against the Dutch occupation.
Distance: 10 km. Track in google earth